India Mahal Tacoma

Written by Scott

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Open letter to the owner/manager of the India Mahal restaurant downtown Tacoma:

Let me preface this letter by that I am extremely angry and aggravated at hearing of how you treated my wife and children this morning. (In case there are far too many people that you mistreat for you to recall, her account is here.) It took nearly everything in my being to not drive down to confront you on my way home from work. Not to attack or threaten, but simply to find out the measure of a man that would so aggressively accost a woman holding a baby who was simply trying to help her sick child get back to the store next door from the restroom. But from what my wife was told, this appears to be your standard modus operandi.

We have no need to threaten, though. You have caused plenty of damage to your business yourself by your actions. The people in the store next door heard, and we will ensure many others hear as well.

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    Hmmm. Doesn't sound good.