India Mahal, the Contrast

Written by Scott

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I did in fact get permission to post the email. Is verbatim with exception of the person’s name:

Dear Joanna and Scott,
I found your email address in the

My staff and I love our customers and always want your visit to our
store to be enjoyable and pleasant. I am sorry that on a day
that is meant to be incredibly fun for the kids (The Webkinz Extravaganza),
your children had to witness their mother forced into an unpleasant
confrontation with the next-door restaurant owner.

I know I can’t erase the encounter, but my staff and I would feel better
personally if you would come in to receive a $25 gift certificate.

See you soon. Enjoy your Webkinz!


If you love our little store, please tell a friend!
Ever After
821 Pacific Ave,Tacoma, WA 98402

Note the contrast between the incident and this email.

My response (I did edit out some personal information, but it doesn’t pertain to this whole issue):

Hi […]!

I’d like to come by personally to thank you, but with work and […], it may not be able to happen for a bit. But at some point I will!

While I greatly appreciate the offer, I am going to decline your generosity for the simple fact that the confrontation was not due to anything on your part. It’s not your responsibility to bear. My wife and kids did have a good time in your store, and the kids do like their Webkinz, and will be back.

What I would like to do, though, for you–but with your permission only–is post your email to our blogs to drive some positive traffic to you. It’s a good example of contrast, shall we say. 😉

If you have any questions or concerns, you have my email, and JoAnn’s is […], and our home phone is […].

Thanks again!


My hope in posting this is two-fold. There’s the contrast, certainly. But I also want people to see the kindness and generosity that Ever After extended to us, and reward them for it. Go down and buy things there, and tell them thank you. Just perhaps aviod the restrooms and the establishment next door.

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