Narnia Still Gets Me…

Written by Scott

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On our way home tonight, we stopped at the store. All us boys stayed in the van while the girls went in (not a sexist thing, just statement of who went where…geez, people!). Want ed to keep Joshua occupied, so I flipped down the screen and Narnia was already in, started from where it left off near the end.

There’s one particular scene that got me hard when we first saw in the theatre: after the White Witch and Aslan go inside the tent to discuss the arrangement for fulfilling the requirements of the Law, the White Witch asks: How do I know your promise will be kept?
Aslan simply roars, but it’s more than just a roar…

The power of that scene (among a few others) got me initially, and that scene, despite being on a tiny flip-down LCD screen in a minivan, still got me.

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