Speaking of standardized testing…

Written by Scott

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Our kids are homeschooled. But we’re also a part of Columbia Virtual Academy. Basically we’re under the umbrella of the school, and accountable for certain things. But not all things. Some will say we are selling out, but I think of it more like this: we get some of our tax money back that we would otherwise not get, and get to use it to school our children the way we choose, while also gaining some additional legal standing. It’s a win-win.

But back to testing. a couple weeks ago Mika nad Sammy took a test. An adaptive test.

And here are Mika’s scores, interpreted. Remember, though, that at the beginning of the year she tested and skipped a grade. She would otherwise only be in 2nd grade.
Math: 88% (at 4th-5th grade level)
Reading: avg 9th grader, gifted 4th grader level
Language usage: off chart, gifted 5th grader level
Lexile (reading level): 6.7-9.0 grade

Sammy: now remember that just a couple of years ago Sammy really couldn’t even talk. Plus he also skipped a year at the beginning of the year, so rather than being in kindergarten, he’s doing 1st grade work.
His test only measured Math and Reading.
Math: 98% (average 3rd grader)
Reading: 1st grade, 5 months (approx).

Josh: ok, so he wasn’t tested. Yet. But the kids, even at just before 14 months, thinks he’s 2. He’s began those funny little fits sometimes. He’s starting to try to walk down the stairs like a big boy. He eats steak, for God’s sake! 😉

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