Up at 3:30 am….where were you?

Written by Scott

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Ok, so I’m normally up early. But not THIS early. Was wide awake in bed at 3:30 after a decent 6 hours of sleep.

Normally something like this would be stress-related, but I’m not overly stressed right now. Just awake. That, and my elbows are killing me (probably a tendinitis flare-up, but without any cause that I can see…so took my Excedrin and Bromelain.

So what to do at 3:30? Well, I could do some work for the client in Florida, except I finished the main project a couple days ago and there hasn’t been any feedback with issues. There’s another remote client that I could do some work for, but had that system unplugged from the network temporarily. Could play Knighthood on Facebook (my profile), but the app is down. I could do up the 2 invoices I need to send out, but that requires rebooting and going into Windows. (Luckily, true desktop virtualization (with sharing the hardware rather than emulating) should be showing up within the year, so I can run both Windows and Linux side by side and simultaneously.)

So, I write. Fills up space and time. 😉 And now that it’s 5:00, I’ll see if I can nap for a bit. That didn’t happen. But now showered, clothed, and off to work. Oh, and it’s not jsut my elbows aching–a wrist and a shoulder have joined in on the fun!

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