What pain?

Written by Scott

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Ok, so those pains alluded to last week lasted all day, with no relief via Excedrin or Bromelain. Had limited range of motion on my left shoulder, and at times it felt like it was bone-on-bone during certain motions. Wasn’t fun.

So after we got back from the baseball game (Rainiers won, even), it was like a light bulb went off. Despite all these hours of pain, I hadn’t really thought of what it could be, because I really hadn’t had anything happen. Anyway, had been thinking a lot about it, and it felt like I’d partially dislocated it, and that it hadn’t quite popped back in right (as a little kid growing up, I’d had issues with elbows dislocating several times, so it was a little bit familiar).

So I did one of the revert-back-to-being-in-Montana things (meaning who needs doctors?): I did push-ups. First one, excruciating, and barely able to lift myself. Next one, no so much. After quite a few more, much (not all) the pain was gone, and when I got back up, I had most of the range of motion back. And now almost completely back to normal.

No, I wouldn’t advise doing that. I’m sure that an orthopaedic doctor would have an almost literal cow over it, but hey, that’s just me. And we won’t get into the story from a long time ago about me cauterizing an infected owie before. 😉

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