Daddy-Style Homeschool Lessons

So with JoAnn out of town for a few days, I’ve got the two older ones. During the day tomorrow, they’ve got their homeschooling while I work….yep, just leavin’ ’em at home.

Just kidding, folks. I’ll be working from home. But in addition to their normal homeschool lessons, I’m adding a couple based around work and economics. You see, we’ve…ahem…accumulated quite a stash of aluminum cans. What we are doing is getting them ready to take to the recycler tomorrow, but they are doing a lot of the work. And not just getting $x for helping…they are getting their share based on how much they help. Performance-based incentivizing, shall we say.

I’m not sure economics is in the lesson plan, but I think we’ll figure out a place for it to fit.