India Mahal, Some Additional Details

We’ve been tipped off by someone who has seen the new lease from the owner of the India Mahal that purportedly includes a clause for the exclusive use of the restroom that was become the central point of this whole fiasco. The only problem is this: the lease agreement of Ever After–which pre-dates this new lease document–has a clause that specifically gives them use of the shared restroom, for which they pay additional (and apparently India Mahal gets some sort of rent discount). The crux is this…the clause in the new India Mahal lease would be invalidated if this is true, making this all a moot point.

We’re trying to get a hold of the property management company to independently verify the situation…

Regardless of the legal status of the leases, the reaction of the owner of India Mahal was completely inappropriate. Ironically, I’ve come across some information that makes it even more inappropriate and funny at the same time, but am trying to verify that it is the owner.