Measuring the Effect of Social Media

Necessity may not truly be the mother of invention, but the frustrations with not having an adequate or suitable solution to an issue almost always is. Enter John Hingley. In 2003 he founded a company that focused on brand marketing and product launches using social media only, and was very successful. But what he couldn’t do at the time was find out who the main influencers were and how the word spread about products. The only solutions at the time were enterprise-level that were focused only on the Fortune 1000, and were vastly cost-prohibitive. Not satisfied, he and his wife began developing the technology to do what his company, Andiamo Systems, now does: social media monitoring and brand analysis.

(As a quick aside, there is no relation to the other Andiamo Systems that was acquired by Cisco years ago…it is simply Italian for “Let’s go!” Besides, this Andiamo has the domain name…)

Andiamo uses a four-step process of data collection (proprietary web crawler, hundreds of thousands of RSS feeds, ping services, and direct data relationships to derive a robust set of data from the blogosphere, forums, boards, and social networks), processing, analysis/ranking, and finally presentation of the information….and that’s just the summary. 😉

As we saw over the past weekend with Subway’s gaffe, the new era of social media can spread information like wildfire, and regardless of the day, time, or whether it is a holiday weekend. So many companies protect their brand with legal teams, PR departments, and management, but that no longer is enough, nor can any of those respond nearly as quickly as needed in today’s online world. But Andiamo’s service can provide them with that analysis and even alert them to trends.

I personally was impressed with the quick response I got earlier in the week when I contacted the company to see what brand was tracked on this blog and with the willingness and openness of the CEO in responding to my questions. Andiamo is a quality company with an amazing service.

Try a 14-day trial if interested!

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