Mika’s Rough Night

Mika had an interesting night last night. I assume it is because of our fun-filled day at the park, but we’ll see if it continues.

A while after dinner we were all watching TV, and I sent down on the floor with the kids’ laptop to watch my Knighthood updates on Facebook. Sometime later Mika joins me on the floor, claiming she’s not tired and just wants to lay by me. Sometimes the latter is true, but I knew better this time…she was tired. And fell asleep quickly.

Bit later she wakes up suddenly, but I could tell by the way she got up she wasn’t quite there…she walked toward the kitchen, and I asked her where she was going. She walks back towards where I was, but past me toward the door…and I said “Mika, you are sleep-walking…come back and sit with daddy”. I was sitting at this point, and she comes, sits on my lap, leans back on my chest, and falls asleep instantly.

I carry her up to bed a little later.

In the middle of the night I am awoken to her yelling “Daddy!” and then something I didn’t quite make out. I race out of my room to hers, and JoAnn’s already been there, and said this was the third time she had called out, and got louder each time: “Do it again. Do it again. Daddy do it again!”. She goes back to sleep.

And in the morning remembers none of it, of course! The closest thing recently I can think of related to that was the last time I took Sammy and her to another park that has a tire swing, and I’d swing them high and spin them…