Note to Subway: It’s Too Late

Since yesterday I’ve read several supposed apologies from Subway, but none of which were publicly released or signed by any official of Subway. They are simply quoted in blogs or on websites, but nothing that has been put forth openly and directly from Subway…so I’m a bit skeptical on the authenticity.

Regardless, it’s frankly too late. The lack of direct response means that either this isn’t that important to Subway (in which case they really do not need my money or the money of homeschoolers) or the corporation is in such disarray that nobody is taking ownership of the issue and making it right.

I have seen a post on a site from a franchisee, and I understand the nature of that business model. But even if an owner doesn’t know or agree with what the corporation does, they have even a greater stake in making sure it is corrected. Perhaps we shouldn’t punish the franchisees, but they have the true leverage against the company, both legal and otherwise. And the only leverage we have is to affect the sales of the franchises.

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