Please Say Obama is Smarter Than That…

Written by Scott

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It’s been speculated for a while. Between Hillary’s dwindling odds at getting the Dem nomination to her more recent conciliatory tones, it does appear she is trying to muscle her way into the VP spot. The linked article seems to be pro-Hillary, discussing how good of an idea it is, while paying little attention to the myriad of reasons that it is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea.

Aside from the attacks Obama has taken during the primary campaign, there’s the obvious cloud of distrust and skepticism that hangs over Hillary. Then there’s Bill. Does Obama really want them standing over his shoulder? Bill’s already sabotaged Hillary’s campaign (ok, so it wasn’t obviously all him since she did much of it herself, but he did not help)…would Obama allow him the chance of doing it in the general election?

Another reason for Obama’s success in the light of Hillary announced as the presumptive Dem nominee so many months ago is the underlying current that we’ve had enough of the Bush-Clinton control of the country. The two families have been in power for TWO DECADES.

It is time for a change–but putting Hillary on the ticket is certainly not the change we are looking for…