Prince Caspian Review

Sammy and I just got back from seeing Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. It was a good movie, but different from the first. And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

The movie begins with Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy transported back to Narnia after having been gone for a year…which in Narnia time was 1300 years or so. The area at first is unrecognizable to them because it is in ruins, but turns out to have been Cair Paravel, where they’d ruled during their previous time in Narnia.

Eventually they meet Prince Caspian (who is running for his life) and discover what had happened: shortly after they left, Narnia was invaded by Telmarines (the race of men). Most of the folk of Narnia were destroyed, and the remaining fled into the woods and went into hiding…so well that the Telmarines assumed they were extinct.

The remainder of the movie is the battle between Narnians and the Telmarines. Well, the buildup to the battle and the battle, that is.

There’s far less overt symbolism than in the first movie. But apparently there was less in the book as well (I had to do some initial checking to make sure I didn’t just miss it). Regardless, it was still a good movie, and has a bit more action than the first.

A few memorable quotes…ok, just one:
“If you are treated like a dumb animal, that is what you become.” (Over time, most of the Narnian animals no longer speak and have reverted to being wild animals)

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