Review of Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy Heron”

I normally run Linux Mint 3.1 “Celena” on my trusty old Dell Inspiron 1150. It’s solid, runs well, generally has no issues, I frankly I just like the look and feel of it better than Ubuntu itself, despite the fact that Mint is a derivative of Ubuntu. But, just like the kids in a family, they are different…

So with the release of Ubuntu 8.04, I decided to give it another shot.

The installation was a breeze, but it’s pretty much been that way for quite some time.

Performance was good, with the only real delay I saw was the first time I went to reconfigure the login screen–after typing in my sudo password, it took several minutes to open. Initially, I thought something was broken, but after it did come up, I reconfigured, closed, and it opened up immediately.

Had no driver issues at all. If I hadn’t swapped out my mini-PCI wireless card out a month or so ago, I would have had to configure ndiswrapper, but now don’t need to (though I have the instructions on this blog under the Linux label).

Browsing the network seemed a bit faster, though that’s subjective at this point.

I’m starting to come around to Ubuntu’s use of the Gnome bar on top.

But the thing that still bugs me is the default color scheme–browns and oranges. I just can’t do that. Have changed to a blue background and theme.

All in all, Ubuntu continues to make strides. In doing so, software companies should hopefully also see the potential there and develop more products for Linux.

Will likely continue using Ubuntu 8.04 until the Mint version of it is out…