Server 2008 review, Part 1

This really shouldn’t be labeled as Part 1, as you’ll soon see. But I really did have the best intentions…

I received my copy of Server 2008 this week and was going to use some evening time and some time this weekend to play around with it a bit–especially with the changes in Terminal Services, which happens to be one of my favorite areas. So last night I began prepping a test system–nothing fancy, a P4-2.6 or 2.8, 865 chipset, 1.5GB RAM, mirrored WD Raptor SATA drives. Get the RAID set up, and get ready to boot from the CD. Except that, and I knew this, it is a DVD. I check the system–it’s only got a CDRW. Check all the other partial systems both in the house and in the garage (don’t ask, don’t tell)…and not a single DVD drive any more. Used to be that I couldn’t find CDRW’s, but perhaps that was just a long time ago!

So…sometime tonight I’ll probably be borrowing the DVD drive from the kid’s desktop for the install. And then I’ll even put it back. And post.