Sometimes All is Well in the World

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I judge myself pretty harshly, especially when it comes to how I stack up against my ideals and how I am as a Christian. But today at the park I was reminded of how I am…not once, but twice.

The first incident was with a little African-American girl, about 3. The cutest little girl–aside from Mika, that is. Her mom and aunt were sitting about 10 or 15 feet from me, and out of the blue (and I mean entirely–I hadn’t even said hi or anything), she comes and sits right beside me. Then after a bit she grabs my hand and leads me to the slide, while her mom and aunt are obviously stunned. Mika joins and we all go down the three slides together…holding hands. And this happens four times in a row. They leave and the little girl thanks me, while the mom and aunt are still cracking up and thanking me for putting up with her (as if it was a burden at all).

A few minutes later, another little boy, about 2.5, loses a flip-flop while walking, and starts to head to me to put it on before dad intercepts him. Dad’s also got a baby about 3 months old that’s asleep in a carrier. We end up getting into a little conversation. He’d apparently seen what happened with the little girl, and then his son, and says he thinks little kids are a pretty good judge of character. One of those statements that was so unexpected, yet so meaningful, that it left me speechless…

…and then I knew I must be doing relatively ok. 😉

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