Sometimes You Don’t Know What God’s Gonna Do

JoAnn got an email this evening when she got back from a friend that she’d re-connected with recently. It was about a blog post this friend had written.

She was thinking back about 8 years ago when her family was moving, and we were helping them move. At the time this friend was, in her own words, “a full fledged Goddess worshiping neo-pagan hippy”. But back the story at hand.

During the move, after we’d packed the moving van and stuff a bunch of stuff in our car, there was a large Buddha statue that needed to be packed. To this day I don’t think I can explain the feeling, but was definitely a spiritual thing: I could not allow it to come in our vehicle. Normally I don’t think I’d react like this–it was their thing, their belief. But at this time I could not. We didn’t make a big deal out of it, but just explained that I didn’t feel that I could.

Fast forward back to the present, with this friend thinking back. She has since become a Christian, and apparently this act, along with other “little” things like it along the way, nudged her to God. And she was thanking us.

As I emailed her tonight, I wrote this:

And now that we see the whole picture, we see part of the reason why. And that, both unfortunately and many times fortunately, is how life is…but we live for God in the present, having faith that he will use whatever circumstances for a reason, and then in the future we get to look back at that past and see it happen.

I’m just thankful we were a part of it.

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