The New Laptop

Finally! Checked status of the order this morning and saw that it is now showing shipped. Coming from Hong Kong, so it probably is accurate.

It’s a Lenovo (for those hiding in caves the past few years, it’s the PC division of what used to be IBM, which they sold). Custom-configured….but unlike previous years, extremely competitive pricing. As a matter of fact, I configured a Dell to similar specs and warranty, and the Lenovo was more than $100 less expensive. Plus it’s a Thinkpad, which will be of higher quality.

I wasn’t initially looking at Lenovo when I first started looking (before current laptop decided to die), but last month did some price comparison for a client in Florida (don’t you love how with technology the location of the client doesn’t matter nearly as much anymore!?). But between the Thinkpad quality and aggressive pricing, I had to consider it.

The laptop will come with Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 on it, and I’ll then set up to run XP and Vista as virtual machines on it. And reviews will be forthcoming once it arrives!