Upgrading Mint on Desktop

Having been using Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron on my notebook for a few weeks now, I’ve realized how much I like it…even more than the Mint on my desktop (running Celena). In preparation for the Mint release Elyssa based on Ubuntu 8.04 that will be forthcoming, I’m venturing out into the world of distribution upgrade. Am in the process right now of upgrading Celena to Daryna (hey, I don’t make the names!).

Fortunately, Mint is great on instructions for doing so. We’ll see how it ends…

Update: the process is very thorough, but taking longer than a clean install. However….total number of reboots: 0.

Update: Mintmenu didn’t like the upgrade for some reason, so had to manually install it–used Synaptic. And then…a reboot. A single reboot, and a few edits of the menu, and I’m in business.