All This Learning Is Making Me Tired…

Written by Scott

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Josh has been on the learning version of a growth spurt recently, mainly between climbing and talking. And boy is he gonna do both. A lot. And often. But for now he does take pauses or just plain passes out…

So far his faves appear to be:
In climbing: climbing up on the arm of the loveseat to reach out and turn off the lights in the living room. Recently added…climbing on daddy’s thighs when he’s sitting on the couch (sometimes when daddy has his feet up on the coffee table), pretending the balancing is no big deal, and grinning big.

In talking: Dada and mama have been around for a while (quite literally as well as objects of his speech), but “nana”, firetruck (it was attempted and understandable), bubble, and “dot-dot-dot” are new additions. [The dot-dot-dot came as a results of Mika’s answer to what we’re doing for Father’s Day…she speaks in ellipses, apparently. Wonder where she got that…]