Chiropractic Adjustment Via Laptop

Written by Scott

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Subtitled: don’t try this at home. Well, unless you need to, that is.

Last week I tweaked my back in a way that’s different than I’d ever done. Instead of lower back or neck, it was the very upper back with pain into the shoulders. Went to my chiropractor (and found out it’d only been like 1.5 years since I’d seen him), got adjusted, and it helped it quite a bit. But it came back, and the last few days were pretty hard, with limited mobility in my right shoulder and lots of Excedrin.

So as I got home, I thought…if it’s my right shoulder that is hurting, maybe I should try slinging my laptop bag on my left. I swung it around out of the car and landed it a little hard, but almost as soon as it landed, my back popped right between the shoulders. And a huge amount of the pain is gone.