Culinary and Educational Experts

Written by Scott

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Forewarning: Part of this article is satire. Conversely, some of it is not. The line between the two isn’t necessarily very clear, however.

A consortium of culinary experts in California has successfully challenged the right of citizens to prepare and cook their own meals, citing health concerns of obesity, nutrition, and lack of a discerning palate. “Today’s families” cited spokesman Michael Burrows, “simply lack the skills to prepare a healthy, nutritional, flavorful meal. We believe that research shows a direct link between rising obesity and other health concerns and citizens preparing their own meals, and because of this, we seek to promote a healthier alternative.”

The consortium, headed by the McDonalds®, Burger King®, and Taco Bell® corporations, seeks to promote the healthier foods for which they are well-known as a replacement to home-cooked meals. They are, after all, experts and professionals in the culinary field.

In a somewhat related story, also in California, the California Teachers Association claims in its brief that allowing parents to homeschool their children without requiring a teaching credential will result in “educational anarchy.”

The leaders of a vastly failing institution want to impose their supposed authority and expertise on homeschooling. Nachos anyone?