Gloves in a Bottle Review

Written by Scott

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Because of a previous review, I’d been asked to give my thoughts on this product. It was initially slated to be reviewed while JoAnn and the kids were in Portland a few weeks back, but the project I was going to be doing during that time was postponed (which was ripping out all the downstairs carpeting and beginning to lay laminate wood flooring–which would have been a great trial for the lotion). And with all the other project planning that’s been going on, and the side work I’ve been doing, the review got put on the back burner for a bit.

My initial impression of the product wasn’t so much in the product itself yet, but in the sample I received for the review: it was a full 8oz bottle. A pleasant surprise it was. The lotion itself is fragrance- and colorant-free (though not devoid of color, of course, since that would be rather strange), and is slightly thinner than standard lotions. But in part this is because it is a shielding lotion as opposed to a moisturizing lotion (the former designed to keep moisture in and protect skin from irritants and toxins, while the latter is designed to add or replace lost moisture). It soaks in pretty readily and without the greasy feeling most lotions leave. During the review period I’ll be using on my hands, elbows (which tend to get very dry), and ankles, but even with just a couple initial applications, the areas feel better and smoother.