Maybe Orwell Was Right…

Written by Scott

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One of the most famous lines in Orwell’s Animal Farm–or at least the one I recall the most–is:
“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

I think Orwell may have foreseen the current state of thinking between some who oppose homeschooling. Ok, maybe I’m stretching a bit, but follow along.

When the animals first took over, the animals were initially treated fairly and pretty equally. Much like how homeschooling had been treated for quite some time, both historically and fairly recently. Sure, there was a little strain, but overall things were smooth.

But then certain animals–and I’m sure Orwell didn’t mean anything in the possible symbolism–decided that they were smarter, or had more insight, or simply were part of the “in” crowd. Kinda like much of the NEA, if you will. They believe they should control our children and what they learn, while all the time not looking at their own miserable failings compared both to foreign schools and to homeschoolers in the US.

And yet, like in Animal Farm, they may yet succeed unless we speak up…