Argh. Mainstream Media & Vaccines

Written by Scott

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New article on Foxnews today: 7 Reasons to Worry as Your Kids Head Back to School

I have to take note of a particular paragraph…that they happened to list as the #1 reason–my comments are interspersed in red:

The anti-vaccination movement. Misinformation about vaccines being linked to autism has spread like wildfire. As a result, some parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children. The result: diseases that were on the decline, like measles, are once again on the upswing.
Whoa, hold on. With issues like school shootings, violence, drugs, and sex, you choose THIS as the #1?! First, you do have it right–some of us CHOOSE to not vaccinate, and many for very good reasons aside from what you allege. For us ,we’ve got histories of both allergic reactions and epilepsy, both of which greatly increase the risk of side effects from vaccines. For others, it is a personal or religious conviction that we legally have the right to. But it is indeed a choice, though it is ironic that it’s politically incorrect to be pro-choice in this instance.

“The anti-vaccination movement is based on irrational fears and is absolutely destructive,” Siegel said. “Vaccines are mainly for the sake of the herd, but no one cares about the community. However, if you want to protect the entire population, you have to vaccinate.”
Ummm, not quite true. To effectively control outbreaks, you only have to vaccinate groups that are at risk. Additionally, this argument also does not address the methods by which vaccines are made, or the elements within the vaccine. Furthermore, the only risk–if vaccines are as effective as the manufacturers would like you to believe–is to those that do not vaccinate, not the the “herd”.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in July that a measles outbreak had infected at least 127 people in 15 states. It was the largest outbreak since the mid-1990s and most of those infected had not been immunized.
So 127 people infected is an OUTBREAK? And only *most* of them we not immunized?

“I can’t say that every kid who doesn’t get vaccinated will get the measles,” Siegel said. “It really depends on where you live. But vaccines are pretty well regulated and drug makers aren’t making a lot of money on them, contrary to popular belief. Getting vaccinated is basically for the public good.”
Drug makers are not making a lot of money on vaccinations?! That is laughable. The fact that they’ve been able to convince the government, let alone much of the population, that it is a necessity means that they have a captive audience, a population that will–especially with government insistence and funding–come back time and time again. You cannot get a better arrangement in sales. Most parents do not even get the informed consent required about known side effects, issues, etc.

Best bet, follow the money. Read more here.