Blog Changes Timeline (Rough)

Written by Scott

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The first of the changes coming to the blog will be this weekend:
1. Domain name will likely appear. You’ll get a hint of what’s in store for the blog.
2. Tagline will change to what (preliminarily) it will be once switched. More of a hint.
3. Tech-type posts will be moved to my company site. This one may take a bit, since it has to be done manually (I think) and I’m not in too much of a hurry, since that site still needs some small tweaks. That, and I haven’t linked to or really published it yet.

Remainder will likely not go live until Labor Day! (Except for the few folks who have knowledge of the test blog being used for the design/testing). The design, by the way, looks great already…and looking forward to the header being designed by PHAT Mommy!

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