Geek Post: Keeping home directory on separate partition

Ubuntu’s done some phenomenal work the past few years helping move Linux mainstream. One of the things they haven’t done–and they are not alone–is emphasize creating and using a separate partition mounted as /home.

Why is that important? Well, take me, for example. Reformatted my laptop a couple days ago, and after running into an issue configuring a VM, I started over yet again. Did I need to back up, reconfigure everything (as if I was in Windows)? Nope. Matter of fact, the /home directory contains a lot of configuration info, your Docs and Pictures…so I booted up after the install, and even Evolution was already set up and waiting for me to read my email. No configuration needed. Desktop wallpaper, configurations I’d done to the Gnome panel, everything was there. As it should be, I might add…

So, Canonical…please consider it as a standard like you do with the swap partition. And, um, Redmond….it’s still not too late to do the same sort of thing with Windows.