Irony of John Edwards…

The “videographer” he had/is having an affair with created little snippets that were going to be used during the campaign to show his more relaxed, more normal side. Funny thing is that now that he’s admitted it (after forcefully denying, that is), those clips are being scoured, and an ironic thing came up. The song “True Reflections” from Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band is at the end of each…lyrics contained below:
When you look into a mirror
Do you like what’s looking at you?
Now that you’ve seen your true reflections
What on earth are you gonna do?

I thought by now you’d be the president
But after all that was yesterday
But you’ve had time to go out in the world now
But you chose to run away
Well, people ask you what you’re doing now
You don’t even know what to say