In Memorial: Ethan Jeffrey

Written by Scott

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A little before midnight tonight, I held my son, Ethan Jeffrey, for the first time. The miscarriage came at 14 weeks.

I am torn as to whether to post pictures of his wonderfully formed body, but he was indeed a beautiful baby boy.

We chose the name Ethan Jeffrey for its meaning: Ethan, for Strong; Jeffrey, for God’s peace. He will be a reminder for us that even in difficult times like this, in God we can find strength and peace.

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  1. Deb says:

    Scott, I'm so sorry to hear of Ethan's passing. You will all be in my prayers.

  2. Deb says:

    I also wanted to say that if you and JoAnn are okay w/ posting his picture I think it would be a good thing for those who doubt that at 14 weeks a baby is indeed a person. But only if in doing so you will not extend your heartbreak.

  3. Luke says:

    Scott,I wish I had words, but I don't. I'll be praying for you.Lord, give Scott and his wife grace and peace in this time. Surround them with friends and family that can demonstrate Your love and give them comfort. Amen. ~Luke

  4. Naarski (the Mrs.) says:

    Hi Scott! I am so sorry to hear about Ethan's passing. My heart breaks for you and your family. Your will be in my prayers.

  5. Scott I have been there and my second son (Peter Christian Culver) will be in my heart forever and for always. You will be in my thoughts and prayer for sure your wife it will be very hard for her and you just need to love on her like you never had there will be times that she just cry's and not knowing but then it hits that a month has pass by and then the due date and many times in between.In His HandsAndrew CulverAKA Andy

  6. Suswan says:

    Ethan Jeffrey is a beautiful name. I'm so sorry you lost him before you had a chance to know him.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ethan is definitely a beautiful name. This is the name of my brother that passed away at the age of four. I will definitely be praying for you and your familyIn Christ,Brett Beaman

  8. mary grace says:

    As one who has had the unfortunate experience of walking in your shoes, I extend my deepest condolences to you and your family. May your hearts heal quickly and may your faith deepen through this loss.