Parasites, We Are..

Written by Scott

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Parents who choose to not vaccinate their children are now being called parasites by actress Amanda Peet. She’s initially apologized, but that was apparently the parents of autistic children whose parents many times believe vaccines are at least in part to blame. Of course, she didn’t apologize for the improper use of the word parasite, unless she somehow thinks that by not vaccinating, we are sucking life and health from those that do. But unless you are watching an old X-files episode, that’s just ludicrous. Such is the life of a sheltered, other-world Hollywood actress, where reality is optional.

Peet, speaking of parasites, happens to be the spokeperson for the organization Every Child By Two. Among other things, this group advocates Immunization Registries, which, while sounding benign, is yet another tool to formally track and target those that choose not to vaccinate. I’ll have to look it up, but I can almost guarantee that the order for the CDC to create the registry included the wonderfully nefarious phrase (like the current failed bailout plan) “and other purposes”, which is the loophole to end all loopholes in our government.

In every vaccination post, I want to make this point: if the vaccines are as effective and as safe as the propoganda wants us to believe, then the only people we are putting “at risk” are ourselves, the ones not vaccinated. Outbreaks cannot be our fault. If outbreaks occur, they would occur with or without us. So just leave us alone, k?

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  1. Christine says:

    The article in which Peet called me a *parasite* fired me up back in July, and I thought that very same thing. Why give me a hard time? Her kids aren't in danger from mine… Her kids are vaccinated, after all!If you didn't get a chance to read my piece from July, here's the link —