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Written by Scott

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Asked to me this morning: “Which smells worse, the smell of rubbing alcohol or the smell of decay?”

No, no, don’t jump to any off-the-wall conclusions. My FBI file is still clear. The kids are doing a homeschool project of mummifying a chicken (was originally going to be a cornish game hen to be smaller and faster, but our nearby Safeway didn’t have any). Details on JoAnn’s blog.

BTW, the answer is decay. Especially for something that size.

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  1. Luke says:

    I was pretty worried about that FBI file… [smile]I'm not that surprised that decay smells worse. Of course, rubbing alcohol isn't great either. ~Luke

  2. Scott says:

    You'd be surprised–the smell of decomp on something that size…it's not good. At. All.

  3. Larry Short says:

    OK, what smells REALLY bad is BOTH (together). In 9th grade I had to dissect a fish. My lab partner was this really cute girl I was trying very hard to impress. So I proceeded bravely.Unfortunately my scalpel wasn't sufficiently sharp, and when I pressed too hard on the side of the fish, all this putrifying stuff (mixed with alcohol) exploded out of its back end … spattering all over my horrified lab partner.Not, I discovered, the best way to impress a pretty girl.