Review: The Faith of Barack Obama

Written by Scott

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When Thomas Nelson Publishers selected me to be one of the bloggers to review the book, I was excited…both to be able to be one of the review bloggers, but also to read the book. I was interested in learning more about the Democratic nominee and the faith he has put out there so prominently. Regardless of how a person may vote in this election, Barack Obama is young enough, and is now a leading figure in the political circles of the country, that even if he not elected this fall, he will be around for a long, long time.

The book is not intended to be pro- or anti- Obama, so some may be disappointed. The intention is to provide insight into his faith, its formation, and its impact. In doing so, it truthfully portrays his upbringing amongst agnostics, humanists, and even the Islam influence of one of his stepfathers. It also chronicles his conversion to Christianity, which he has been open about, and to which I choose to believe and accept as true.

Beyond that, though, there are two sections of the book I found most fascinating: the information and background of the church of his conversion (and the only significant church of his Christian life–which readers should find highly significant for that reason alone), and the end of the book, which compares the faith of the four leading political figures in the U.S., according to the author: Obama, McCain, Hillary Clinton, and President Bush.

I won’t delve into the thoughts I had in reading the book in this review (I will in the following days), but suffice to say, it gave quite a bit to think about…from Obama himself to the state of the Christian church itself. And the book, well, it was such a thought-provoking read that I read it in less than a day.

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  1. Deb says:

    First – WOW – big changes here – I wasn't sure I was in the right place at first :)Second – you know, on any given day I have a stack of books I'm reading and a stack I'm planning to read. Now you went and added to the stack – I'll have to put this book on hold at the library and give it a look through – it definitely sounds interesting so far.

  2. First, I find the title of this book interesting from what I've heard of Obama. I wasn't aware that he was Christian, and I've been rather shocked by what he's had to say in regards to abortion. How can someone who sees children as "punishment" believe in a God who said children are a blessing?