A Word About Thomas Nelson Publishers

Written by Scott

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If you’ve been reading my blog in the past couple months, you’ve likely noticed references to Thomas Nelson Publishers. If not, perhaps your speed reading isn’t nearly as effective as it could be. Seriously. Perhaps cut down on the caffeine a bit, yeah?

It takes a lot to impress me. Flashiness doesn’t do it. Marketing-speak certainly doesn’t do it (um, Redmond…hello?). What does impress me though is a company and its people who GET IT. Ironically, I found it in a traditional media company.

It started on Twitter. Somehow I stumbled upon Thomas Nelson Publisher’s CEO Michael Hyatt, and followed. What I found is a CEO that not only understands the whole social media experience, but uses it. Not only that, he uses it well…and in a way that is transparent, both in his professional life and in his private life. The guy’s a twitteraholic, I think…but in a good way.

But then they’ve recently taken it up a notch: they invited bloggers to review a couple of books with the only strings being to read it (odd, eh?), and post the review–regardless of positive or negative (I’ve done one of each now). And then yesterday they took it up yet another notch with their new Book Review Bloggers site, opening the review process up even more, while also giving more exposure to our reviews. [I also get a kick out of the subdomain name of “brb”!]

Proof that old media can learn new social media tricks, and learn them well!

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