Another Reason to Love the Story of Job…

Written by Scott

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In this morning’s devotions, I read from Job 12. The poor guy has lost everything, and his helpful, caring friends are telling him the myriad of reasons what it happened, which tend to center around Job’s actions, and what he’s doing wrong. You know those friends, the ones who are always right, always have the answer, always sound so grounded in Scripture…

How did Job react at the beginning of the chapter? With sarcasm. That’s right, sarcasm. In. The. Bible.
Then Job responded, “Truly then you are the people, And with you wisdom will die!

I love that! Not only because it shows a truly human sentiment, but it’s not so hard at all picturing me saying something like that. Not hard at all. Those who’ve read my blog for any length of time might have even picked up on some before.

People loving giving unsolicited, uneducated, and unhelpful advice. It makes them feel wiser, helps their self-esteem (which, of course, is the paramount of existence), and in their mind puts them in control (which in and of itself may be the root of the issue). But in one single statement, Job shatters it all.

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