Clearwire and Politics? Part Deux

Written by Scott

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This morning I received the below email from Clearwire customer support in response to previous post:
I do apologize that you feel that way, however, Clearwire does not take a stance on sides. As we are a corporation so we do not choose sides in politics. The drive of that Clearwire Truck my be a supporter of a particular candidate but Clearwire is not. I do apologize if it offended you, however, you can feel free to contact our Corporate office or the Local Clearwire store to let them know your concerns if you would like. You can go to, click on contact us at the bottom of the page to get the contact information.

(Name and phone withheld by me)

Note to Clearwire: when making an apology, apologize for what your company did, not what my reaction to it was. Kinda spoils the whole idea of the apology to put it all back on me. Just a friendly hint…

But my point is that even if as a corporation Clearwire doesn’t take a stance politically, allowing Clearwire vehicles to display bumper stickers for a particular candidate implies otherwise. Not always a good business decision.

Also…Clearwire also found me on twitter this morning. Will report what happens threre

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  1. JoAnn says:

    They also need help with punctuation, grammar, and spelling.