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Written by Scott

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While on twitter tonight, I came across someone with a line in their bio that said: I didn’t leave the Republican Party, it left me. I realized that is how I’ve been feeling for several years now, and quickly incorporated that line into my twitter profile. As the years have gone on since the Contract with America brought conservative issues to the forefront and brought the Republicans to power in 1994, the GOP has wandered away from those roots….sometimes in small ways, sometimes in ginormous ways, and occasionally (or perhaps accidentally) veering back.

The current administration was founded on some of those same conservative points, but somewhere along the way, the ideas of smaller government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility were tossed to the side for some of the largest government growth and spending growth we’ve ever seen. And now we’re in the midst of an unnecessary, bipartisan “bailout” of a private financial system…and BOTH presidential candidates support it.

These thoughts led to a tweet I did tonight:

would it be so bad to lose this election if it shakes up the GOP enough to return to the conservative roots that brought success in 94?

In the meantime, I’ll continue on my path to being a (small “L”) libertarian…