Review: Through the Storm by Lynne Spears

Written by Scott

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When Thomas Nelson Publishers announced the opening up of reviews for this book by Lynne Spears, mother of Britney and Jamie Lynn, I threw in my hat. I didn’t actually expect to be one of the bloggers chosen, since it was near the deadline, and also because I hadn’t received an email reply.

But a couple weeks later, the book unexpectedly arrived. So at that point I was committed to doing the review. Fortunately, my commitment was to write a review and give my honest opinion…not to hype the book. Let me say this: it wasn’t easy. Aside from the myriad of events of upheaval in my life right now, the book itself was hard to read, was hard to get through.

Please don’t misunderstand: the book wasn’t hard to read from a reading-level standpoint (it’s actually written very basic and elementary–almost too basic). The book was hard to read because of the content. From the intro and what I understood about the book, I knew it was not a tell-all. But I at least expected a tell-something book. I was disappointed even in that.

What I got from the book is a long narrative of Lynne’s life made worse by the feeling like she’s discussing it with a very superficial friend. There were so many times in the book that she easily could have delved into analyzing the events that occurred and their impact, but failed to every time. She tells of the the things that happened in her life, in Britney’s life and in Jamie Lynn’s life as if she’s just a passive observer. A shallow, passive observer.

The irony of the book is in this quote from the book: “That’s one of the things I used to worry about, that by God’s grace I don’t so much anymore: people’s opinions”. Yet it seems to be the very reason the book was written.

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  1. Rachelle says:

    Interesting. I wondered about this book. So sad that their mom was a shallow as she seemed on the outside.

  2. One of those books that probably only got published because the author's name alone (from her children's celebrity status) would sell it.

  3. I agree to some extent, but i had a positive over-all read. the book did jump around, but i thought the over-all message was good. if anything, it will be good for people to hear that media can be manipulative… But i definitely appreciate your review… diversity is a wonderful thing!