Scambait, Part 3

Written by Scott

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The response:

Thank you for your interest to enable us execute this profiable venture,as you are willing to give me your full co-operation,this i believe you have taken a wise decision to exhaled through in life,and am sure we both,will smile together at the end.

I want us to build a very solid trust together to help us in completing the fund transfer successfully.

All documents needed to back the transfer is with me,and it is 100% risk free.

Now,what I need from you is to stand as the foreigner/partner,and the security company will immediately release the fund to you,remmember the said fund was deposited as family valuables treasure for security reasons.

We will also have to draft a working agreement,we need to sign a Memorandum Of Understanding.

Therefore,as you are willing to give me you honest co-operation,so that we can together secure this fund for very good profitable investment ,I need the

1. A valid copy of your ID card,driver’s License or international passport,

2. Your address and phone and fax numbers

3. Tell me about your business activities,i mean what is your profession or occupation?
and please detail me your wide business knowledge investment as well.

NB; confidentiality is highly needed in this transaction until you have this funds in your nominated account.

The security company do not know the content inside the deposit boxes,it was deposited by our client in order to secure a good future for himself,family and the future.

Also i strongly believe that associating with you to embark on this and other business ventures will drive a huge success here and after,please make sure you include your direct cellphone number when replying,to enable easy communication.

As soon as you send the above required information i will forward to you,the infromation of the financial consultant/attorney,for the registeration,changing of name and legalisation of all documents to your name as the beneficiary.
Yours Sincerely.
Mr.Alberto David.

Will post response this evening…

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  1. Larry Walker says:

    Are you trying to nab the scammer?