Scambait, Part 4

Written by Scott

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The response:
Mr. David,

The scanned documents are attached. Please do let me know when you have successfully received so that I may send the remainder of the info. For security, I do not want that information sent with the documents; having both the information and the documents together would be quite dangerous if they were to fall into the wrong hands.

Again, as soon as you successfully receive this, please let me know, and I will send the other information.


The “scanned documents” is a large, in this case almost 4MB file, definitely NOT jpg file, renamed as such. He will waste his time downloading multiple times, trying in vain to open it. Will also give me a chance to string this out a bit, since the issue will obviously be on his end. I’ll even probably resend as a larger file, then perhaps a smaller one, all in attempting to find one his system will be able to open.

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  1. Rachelle B says:

    Love it!! Thanks for doing this! Waste their time…I know I shouldn't find so much joy in, but I sure do…

  2. Luke says:

    You're hilarious! ~Luke