Sometimes You Must Pull the Plug…

Written by Scott

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My recent series on The Purposes of Modern Schools has been seriously lacking in inspiration and motivation since, well, the first couple posts. And quite frankly, the last couple have really stunk. I can hardly believe I wrote them.

So, in the spirit of the current election, I am pulling the plug on the series but keeping the initial one after a quick edit, and then pretending the others never existed.

Just like the political pundit phrases and nearly as meaningless, I’m all about change. And hope.

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  1. Deb says:

    Hey Scott. Thanks for your comment. It is kinda difficult to get things here because there is not a reliable mail service. There is an organization that send a container per ship ever couple of months. If you want you can check that out at We can get a lot of things here so if you really wanted to do something you could send money and we could use it to get splurge things we don't usually get. i know that is not as fun. these are only suggestions, you really don't have to do anyting. Just keep reading and praying. Thanks so much. -deb:-)