The Election

Written by Scott

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Let’s talk politics for a bit, shall we?

No, this won’t be a list as to why I am voting for a particular candidate, or even a litany of charges against the other. Nope, much more practical.

Both of the main candidates have “economic plans” that would benefit me. I should be happy, right? Yes and no. Yes, in that there is benefit, but no in that these plans are less about the economic situation as they are about pandering and buying votes. And that is the part about our current political atmosphere that I detest.

I am also a realist. And I have an out. The vote in WA State is so lopsidedly Democratic because of the sheer population of King County (Seattle) that a vote against Obama is essentially meaningless–he’ll get the Electoral College votes regardless. So instead, I will not be voting for either Obama or McCain, but for Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party to help send a message.

If you are in WA, would you considering doing the same?

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