The New WaMu…?

Written by Scott

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Was checking my credit card transactions online this evening and noticed a transaction that I had not authorized. Checked online and indeed appears to be a scam at RipoffReport, attempted to call the number listed (closed) and then called WaMu–the new JPMorganChaseWaMu.

I was shocked by what I was told, especially as the customer calling in to report an unauthorized transaction: I could either fill out their form and wait 30-90 days for them to investigate and resolve, or I could call the company to resolve. Call the company that charged my card without authorization to resolve an unauthorized charge?! Flabbergasted, I was. Well, not so much. I was still quite vocal and coherent (both of which are quite useful in and of themselves, but together that much better), and made sure I understood the level of customer service I was getting. Was told that is just their policy.

Perhaps their understanding of the VISA policy is different than mine, since their understanding of customer service certainly was. (VISA’s Zero Liability policy uses the phrase “swift action” for one…). Their form, btw, requires a category of dispute…but there isn’t one that says “I did not authorize this charge”, only “Do not recognize the charge”. Seems to but the burden on me rather than the one charging my card…

With the economy the way it is, though, I would seem to think that financial institutions would be going out of their way to provide good service and rid themselves of policies that stand in the way of that. Then again, sometimes I am a bit too much of an idealist.

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  1. Larry Walker says:

    Well, that sucks. After NetBank failed last year I moved my account to the bank that took over (ING) before the cut-off time. Some funny stuff went on just before I moved, like thank you letters for establishing a "living trust" which I did not. It's all straight now, but I would be looking for a new bank after you resolve this.I had a similar situation with BankofAmerica on an unauthorized charge one time. The phone people gave me BS so I went down to the local branch. The service person at the branch had to get around the phone people too, but she got my money back.