The Scambait, Part 1

Written by Scott

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The initial scambait posted was switched to the following:
This evening I received the following email:

Mr. Alberto David
C/ Ponzano, 94 28003
Madrid Spain

Dear Sir,

I will appreciate your urgent response to my email and I assure you that this business transaction will surely improve our lives and that of all those around us.
I am Mr. Alberto David; I work in the Auditing Operation Department of a Security Firm here in Geneva – Switzerland,but presently in Spain .
I believe and feel quite safe revealing this important business and will be glad to execute it with you if you are capable.
My assurance to you is that this transaction is 100% risk free to both parties. I am only contacting you who are a foreigner because the Security Company
is going to welcome you if I present you as the benefactor that has correct information/details about the said deposit.
Please I will like you to (view) log on to ( for more information and proper understanding about the deceased depositor of the said fund before reading further.
During my last momentary auditing, I discovered that Rafik Bahaa Edine Hariri made Safe Deposit in our Security Company which he left no beneficiary.
My investigation revealed to me as well that his company and family do not know anything about this particular deposit, and this deposit has been dormant
since 2005 because nobody knows that such deposit exists,hence I contacted you.
The amount is US$14,700,000.00 (Fourteen Million Seven Hundred Thousand US Dollars Only) and this fund will be released to you if you can co-operate with me. I need your full co-operation to make this work fine.
Being a top executive at Security Firm, I have all secret details and necessary information/contacts for release of the said funds with no encumbrance.
If you can handle this transaction for our joint benefit, please get back to me so that we can proceed further,as what is required now is to register you
as the Benefactor so that the fund will be released to you.
I will also use my position to influence and effect legal approvals and immediate release of the funds into your account with appropriate clearance from department concerned.
NOTE: Your business status does not matter in this transaction, what matters is your ability to handle the amount of this magnitude.
As soon as the transfer is concluded, you will retain some percentage of the fee as compensation for your assistance.

Await your urgent response Yours faithfully

Mr.Alberto David

If you’ve never heard of scambaiting, it is the action taken to waste the time, and in some cases, extract funds and items from those running these 419 scams. In part, this helps save others from these scams. This series will be the ongoing saga. Normally, the scambait would not be posted until after the fact–sometimes these folks can get pretty nasty and threatening. But I’m in a mood…

Technical note: this is the first I’ve stumbled upon that was sent out of Guatemala, despite the claim of being in Spain.

My initial response (went much more basic this time around):

How may I be of assistance to you? Please provide more details and information please.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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