You Did What?!

Written by Scott

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This past week has brought all kinds of doom and gloom regarding the economy, much of which is greatly exaggerated by the media. (For example, on the “Black Monday” of 1987 that hardly anyone even recalls, the Dow dropped 26% in one day, while this week we’ve seen 5-8% drops. Perspective, people, perspective.)

But this week, after a lot of thought, prayer, and talking with JoAnn, I did something a little crazy. A lot crazy, actually: I cashed out my IRA. Part of the perspective, though a minor part, is that if it was going to lose money, better for it to lose money to me than the market. Most would agree with my financial planner, that this was about the worst time ever to do so, but at the same time, she is a friend that knows the rest of the story, and understands my reasoning.

As far as the rest of that story, stay tuned…will explain once the check is in hand, likely Wednesday or Thursday.

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  1. Rachelle says:

    Way to go Scott. Keep me posted on the adventure you are about to face! That is super exciing and more importantly a huge step of Faith that will bring you even closer in your walk. Waiting for the rest of the story….