A New Addiction?

Written by Scott

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With having somehow broken the screen on my Ipaq a couple weeks ago, I’d put out a twitter (and through it, to Facebook) message for anyone with a PDA-type device to contact me, because I was in dire need. T-Mobile wasn’t interested in taking back the phone I’d gotten with the plan in July, since it was past 14 days, and I sure wasn’t up to paying fully-inflated retail pricing for any phone, even as much as the new Google G-1 interests me.

The response to my plea? A single message. But what a message it was, from a friend that I haven’t seen since 2003. This coming week I’ll be receiving a Blackberry. I may soon become another stat in the Blackberry addiction numbers.

Do you have a Blackberry? Like it? I’m coming from a Windows Mobile world…how’s the transition, and how will I like it?

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  1. David says:

    I have a Palm T/X with a broken screen that I miss. I also have a Blackberry from work. Very handy in getting work done while I am away from the office. Mostly I do e-mail with some phone calls. I try not to use the other services on it, since it is not mine.

  2. Love my blackberry, had it for 6 months, took some getting used to, to deal with the TINY keyboard, but I'm much better now!Love your site here!Carissa @mommygossip@carissarogers on twitter

  3. Miss Teacha says:

    i know this post comes a little late. My BFF has one a loves it. This was after taking back the "comparable" Tmobile version. I did get the G1 and LOVE IT!!! Only problem, if you use the internet a lot the battery dies quickly. I find myself need to charge my phone more frequently.