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Written by Scott

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Am listening to an 80’s station online as I write this, so it *may* have influenced the title a bit. But there really have been a couple of awesome things that happened this week.

Saturday I somehow broke my HP iPaq. That part’s not awesome, far from it. Cracked the touchscreen. (Oddly enough, I’d just downloaded the contacts a day or two before). I did a craigslist ad and a Tweet to see if anyone in the local area had a PDA-type phone they were willing to sell. Craiglist got some response, but prices a bit higher than I liked. But I had my Facebook status fed by twitter, and a friend from Facebook (and in real life too, though I haven’t seen her for about 5 years!) responded. She has a Blackberry that she hates and is replacing, and offered it to me…free! As an aside, here’s the kind of person she is: in 2003, our family was hit by a bit of check forgery. Was a couple months before Christmas, and it hurt us pretty hard. When she found out, she chastised me a bit for not letting people know, and wrote us a check for $100.

Last night, got an email from a happy client, that included information that the check was cut and on its way. Followed that with a smiley. I am happy to get the payment, but how many clients are happy to send it?!

And lastly…after our heartbreak of losing our baby in early September, we found out that we are pregnant again! It is early, and of course we want to temper our excitement with that, but it is still awesome!

What awesome things have you had happen lately? With Thanksgiving coming up, may be a great time to remember them…

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  1. Deb says:

    Much awesomeness here! Especially the new baby – I'll be praying for his/her safe arrival.

  2. Luke says:

    That is much awesomeness! Rock on!Not feeling as much awesomeness on my end. …but I was able to get my wife a copy of WotLK yesterday morning. I just had to take 45 minutes off from work to do it [smile]. ~Luke