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Written by Scott

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No, not me, silly…I am, at this point in time, for profit. Though next year, depending on how taxes go this year, I may need to go under the umbrella of a 501c3…but that’s another story. 😉

Looking for a small form factor, maybe even Shuttle-type box, P4 or better PC, hoping for 1GB RAM, rest unimportant since I’d likely be changing things out. Working on saving them some funds and working towards going Open Source where they can. This particular application, they absolutely can. The key for this is that it needs to be a small box.

Optional, cash…looking for around $300-$350 to do this box new.

Can arrange tax-deductible receipt from them.

Other option:


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  1. Larry Walker says:

    I have a couple of old Dell Optiplex's on the shelf. I can let go of one if it will help. Win 98 <a href="<br />The second is on the right. I would have to pull the HD out. I think I had extra Ram put in these but not sure how much, but I can check. One was used a a server at one time. They have been out of commission for several years although I had to use one this year to break the code of some old 1995 quickbooks file (long story )