I Have A Stalker?!

Written by Scott

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So I noticed a referral to the blog from Changemyip.info, which claims this: “Changemyip.info visit anysite from anywhere browse anonymously and/or bypass your school, college or workplace network restrictions. Your favourite site blocked?”

Turns out that the service isn’t anonymous by any means, at least by one of my trackers.

Also turns out that it is one of many, many visits to the blog over the past approximately 11 months by someone at my former, former employer (meaning the one before the one I just left). And the hits have been right around 8am and just after 5pm. Why? I dunno. Don’t really care all that much either. But the fact that it was done as an attempt to be anonymous, and was done at times when there would be less chance of someone else being at the office is more amusing than anything else.

I’m just like that.

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