It’s Only Politics…

Written by Scott

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I was reminded twice today that, despite my political principles, life does indeed go on regardless of what happens Tuesday. Life is bigger–and far more important–than any candidate.

Do I believe that this country is at a crossroads? Absolutely. Do I believe that there will be consequences, perhaps major and even unintended, because of this election? Yes, I do. And those are the things I will blog about after the election.

But in the bigger scope of things, my faith isn’t in a candidate, a party, or…and this may be heretical to some…a country. My faith is in God, who does not change according to who occupies the White House.

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  1. Larry Walker says:

    That's what's important to remember. We've all been in this fight for our ideals and for our country but life does go on, and no matter what, I know I'll be OK as long as I keep the focus on what's important, and keep my faith in God, not in man or even myself.Thanks for the post.

  2. Site Admin says:

    Larry-There's good reason to expect that Obama will veer the ship so far left and allow reckless spending so that it will sink the nation into a depression, where a socialistic country will emerge like the phoenix. The fraud we've screamed about for months will become faint voices. ACORN will become an enormous fraudulent engine for Dem voter growth. Republicans will disappear. U.S.S.A. will become a single party system while the public sleeps. I have a business, and I'm laying them all off in January and moving my business offshore until we can take our country back. Faith in God is alright, but that faith didn't stop Hitler. Mussolini, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot or many other dangerous characters. The nation is about to be lost.

  3. It sounds like you have prepared yourself for the outcome of the election, whatever it may be. I was raised as an atheist by socialist parents in the 1950's, but we lived in a conservative town and I was a Boy Scout. My great-grandfathers were devout god-fearing Jews.I also feel prepared for the election, come what may. During this election, I find that many people of faith are on the side of good, even including non-Islamist Muslims. Others who profess to be people of faith are on the side of evil cultist demagoguery.I am grateful that Twitter has allowed me to reach out to the right kind of people of faith so that we can support each other during this difficult time. Although I do not think of myself as having faith in any deity or deities, I have confidence: confidence in good people, people like the Founding Fathers whose ideas built this great land, people like the immigrants who came here and understood why this place is more than a way to make a buck, people like the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who are fighting our overseas enemies, and confidence in the people overseas who "get it" that the USA is the greatest country in the world, and why that is so.And I also have confidence in a universe where I have had generally good luck, have led a great life, and where I pray that my grandchildren and their descendents will share the good fortune that I have had. If that means I believe in God, hallelujah!

  4. Dana says:

    This just caught my attention:Faith in God is alright, but that faith didn't stop Hitler. Mussolini, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot or many other dangerous characters.But what is "faith?" It is more active than just believing. There were a number of Christians whose faith was very active in protecting Jews in Hitler's Germany. If all who confessed Christ had acted similarly, there would have been no Holocaust. Same with the others mentioned. They only went as far as they did because enough people chose to be silent witnesses rather than active resisters.Denmark was the only country that refused to hand over its Jews when Hitler marched in. They helped them escape to Sweden and almost everyone made it. Something like 400 were captured, but because Denmark demanded information, none of them were killed.And when it was all over, the only country who showed up to bring its citizens home was Denmark, with Red Cross vehicles to pick up their citizens and restore their property they had protected while they were away.No other occupied country did that. So was only Hitler guilty? And was he unstoppable? I don't think so.If the worst of the worst happens, it will only be because enough of us sit by and allow it to.