The Neck Issue…

Written by Scott

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Yesterday afternoon I was wrestling with Sammy on the floor. I was sitting, slightly hunched over, with Sammy in front of me. Mika climbed on my back–she does it often, so wasn’t anything unusual. But something happened, and I’m not sure what, since I was occupied with Sammy. Suddenly Mika was falling down/forward, and her entire weight–all 60 lbs or so, came down full force on the back of my head/neck, snapping it forward and down. I felt every vertebrae in my neck pop.

Initial reaction was of concern, since it was a neck thing. I immediately allowed myself to just flop down onto the floor, and just laid there for about 30 seconds to make sure that nothing was wrong or broken…or any bleeding out of unusual places.

Fortunately, nothing thus far except for some soreness.

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  1. Luke says:

    Saw that you had a neck issue on Facebook. Glad you're doing okay! ~Luke